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For the past few years, we have witnessed the strategic practice of “Internet +” gradually penetrated in all industries. The substantial support from both national and local governments has brought useful guidance under which the progresses of industrial transformation, political environment and financial support have been energetically boosted forward. Nevertheless innovation and challenge emerge with the advent of such a new opportunity. Only if enterprises reform and innovate considering the contemporary demands, can companies survive in the new world. How to realize the deep integration of Internet and traditional business? What to do with the construction of the new business ecological cycle? As the dominant force in the innovation, CIOs nowadays are expected to present their strategic foresight, technical knowledge and the ability in management.

CIO Summit 2017 Chengdu Station, gathering CIOs and IT Elites from enterprises in west China, aims to promote enterprise common development through referential cases from Internet enterprises and enterprises on the road of transformation, as well as the keen discussion on how to face the business transformation and challenge.

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☆ Conversation for CEO and CIO: Redefine Digital Transformation
☆ Cloud Computing Service Innovation Model
☆ Big data empower Enterprise Digital Innovation
☆ Logistics New Supply Chain made by tech
☆ Edge Computing Speed up Digital Innovation Application
☆ Internet+ FMCG & Retail: Omni-channel Integration through Supply chain
☆ Internet+ Auto-related industry: Reshape Automobile and Explore Transformation Strategy
☆ Internet Manufacturing: case show for Intelligent Manufacturing Era and integration of information technology and industrialization
☆ Internet+ Enterprise Innovation


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