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In 2018, the digital transition of enterprises is in full swing. According to the latest report of Gartner, this year the global IT budget will have a 3% increase which will be the peak since 2008. The role IT plays is becoming more and more important. 95% CIO think that the digital era changes their responsibilities, turning themselves from “task-finish” senior officials to dealers of IT and business affairs.

2018 CIO Summit GZ will convene CIOs from South China enterprises and discuss the digital transition of enterprises under the Belt and Road policy. It aims at accelerating the transitional process of enterprises by constructing an efficient inter-connected digital environment including cloud computing, big data, safety, AI, Internet of Things and block chain with wise thinking of CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, CIOs and other experts.




☆ Discussion Points:
● Enterprise Information Infrastructure and Architecture Construction under Digital Transformation
● Integration of IT and Business - Supply Chain and Membership Management, Terminal Store Management and Operations
● New Technology Application to Enhance Production Process and Management -Manufacturing System and Business System Integration, Product Life Cycle Management, Warehouse Management System, Product Traceability System
● Cyber Security Trends and Responses in the Digital Age
● CIO's Future Opportunities and Challenges
●  What Should Multinational Companies Do in the Context of the Belt and Road Initiative? (Team Build, Overseas Data Center Deployment, Time to Do Overseas Business)
☆ Schedule Arrangement:
● 9:00-9:45 Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprises in the Process of Digital Reform
● 9:45-10:25 Empowering Digital Transformation Through Singtel DC. DX Platform
● 10:25-10:45 Tea Break
● 10:45-12:15 CIO Seminar & Business Match
● 12:15-13:30 Luncheon
● 13:30-16:35 Enterprise Visit

2018.7.20 Topic Pool

☆ Digital Transformation Strategy of Enterprise and Business Model Innovation
☆ Business Thinking Leads IT Transformation
☆ How does IT Integrate with Business Department to Achieve win-win Strategy?
☆ The Future of CXO under the “crisis”
☆ Integration and Governance of Enterprise’s Big Data
☆ Building Hybrid Cloud Technology Based on Container
☆ Could Security Practice of Enterprise
☆ Challenges and Countermeasures of IT Innovation in Enterprises
☆ Customer Relationship Management Open up Consumption Closed Loop
☆ New Business Practices under Normal Retail
☆ Two Integration and Intelligent Manufacturing Transformation Practice in Enterprise
☆ Financial science and Technology innovation leads inclusive financial development
☆ How the Internet Technology Team Deal with Business Changes and Challenges
☆ Entrepreneurial Orientation and Practice


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