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Digital disruption and transformation is occurring at an accelerating pace and entering an era of unprecedented change for businesses. IT organizations are challenged to make a vital shift away from just "keeping the lights on" to work with business leaders on improving the digital customer experience and keeping up with the pace of change. CIOs need IT agility through a Hybrid IT approach to take advantage of the new opportunities enabled by digital disruption. As the debut overseas for the Chinese IT senior brands, 2018 CIO Summit Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia expect to be with excellent Chinese vendors and CIOs, building a bridge for the APAC IT elites to solve their problems and make the crossover cooperation possible.

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☆ Digital transformation strategy of Enterprise and business model innovation
☆ Digitalization road of Chinese Enterprise
☆ Digital Transformation Case Study of Chinese Enterprise
☆ Micro-insights and macro-control of big data
☆ Security & Regulatory Challenges & Opportunities for Cloud Computing
☆ Cloud Enabled Infrastructural Strategy for Future Growth
☆ The CISO's role in Adopting Cloud Services
☆ Evolving role of the CIO through the eyes of the CEO and fellow C-suite

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