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2017 CIO Summit Guangzhou will be held on July

The CIO Summit Guangzhou will be held by Dot Connector in July 21, 2017. Which will attract more than 200 CIOs, CTOs, IT directors, senior IT executives, IT managers and other business leaders.

The Belt and Road is the national strategy advocated and promoted by Chinese government, which has profound significance for our modernization strategy. Construction of The Belt and Road in Information correspondingly and even in advance benefits the economic development. A research conducted by IDC shows information technology is an effective way to boost the business growth and local economy growth and improve the governance of government and living standard of people, suggested by more than 90 percent interviewee of Enterprise CIOs and government department in charge of Information along the countries on The Belt and Road.

2017 CIO Summit Guangzhou Station is Guangzhou-centered and will gather enterprise CIOs of South area to discuss how does IT to drive business expansion , how to build high effective and connected digital environment driven by Cloud, Big data and Security, which finally promote the enterprise transformation.

The conference will focus on the theme of " IT Transformation and Innovation, To Drive Digitalization”, The main topics covered are:

  • Digital Leadership: Talent, IT cost, CIO’s capacity building, etc.
  • Enterprise Cloud Optimization
  • Precision Marketing
  • New ICT Disruption
  • The future of AI and Robots
  • Data Mining
  • Smart Operation Automation
  • Transform with IoT
  • Risk and Security in Digital Business

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